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Our Web Design Strategy

Our unique approach to web design consists of understanding your target audience's need for information about your organization, trust in your brand, and value in the services offered. By making your target audience the hero of your website’s story, we will effectively communicate and prioritize their need for solving their problems while providing them with the best user experience possible.
Each website we build is uniquely designed to capture your target audience and build brand equity. Responsive designs are built for mobile devices first to ensure that your customers that visit your website using their mobile smartphones will be able to take advantage of as many design elements as possible.
We pride ourselves in our efforts to be as accessible as possible to our customers. We take each of our relationships serious and put the necessary effort to keep our clientele up-to-date with their website design needs. Simply put, Google prefers websites that are “alive” and updated often. We understand this and work with our clients to iterate, improve and keep their websites updated as often as possible.

High Performing Designs

Successful cryotherapy websites create and increase awareness for cryotherapy and other services. Moreover, a professionally made website sets you apart from your competitors. A high-quality web site invests in your brand by creating brand equity.
High quality should not come at a performance cost. Our cryotherapy websites feature the highest resolution graphics, designed to cater to the modern, retina display enabled smartphones. This enhances the look of your website greatly as your visitors can see fine details in the photos and videos featured on your website.
Our company package sites are pre-configured for search engine optimization. That means that you can expect your site to outperform other non-SEO websites right out of the box. SEO allows you to capture people who are searching for your services or related keywords on popular search engines. While this is a long term strategy, it is often considered as the highest ROI for any business.

We Value Customer Service

We pride ourselves in how we create and maintain our relationship with our customers and partners. At the end of the day, what matters is that you get what you paid for, and learn from your experience. By being accessible to our clients, we ensure that your demands are met in the quickest time possible. This leads to customer satisfaction and enables us to better understand your business needs.
With our affordable monthly packages, you have the option of starting a new website which often removes the necessity to deal with previous code and design that can often lead to prolonged turnaround time. This way you can keep your existing site functional, while we create you a brand new website at a low cost. As always, you have the option of keeping your existing website and working with us to improve the look and feel, and performance of it.
Your website will be done by our in-house staff of professional web designers and developers. We do not outsource our design work in order to keep the communication chain to a minimum. The last thing we want is to play the telephone game with a bunch of remote designers. Your satisfaction is guaranteed because we keep the numbers of chefs in the kitchen to a minimum and work closely with you to create your website.

We Invest in Your Growth

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve got multiple locations, having a website that is designed around geo-location will make it easier for you to stand-out locally while paving the way for you to grow and scale on a national level. We understand start-ups very well and our website designs use agile methodologies, enabling us to quickly scale your website from one location to multiple locations.
When we design and deploy your website, we keep in mind your physical location and do a preliminary search to find out what other similar types of businesses are around you. During our maintenance and marketing research, we also keep track of which locations your visitors are most interested in your services. This will enable us to provide you with valuable insight into possible locations that you can expand your business into. This type of quantitative data will not only save you lots of time, but it will also save you immense expansion costs.
We understand the cryotherapy market very well. Not only because we’ve partnered with the manufactures in the space but also because we actively reach out and survey cryotherapy customers. Your prospects expect you to provide them with bite-sized information about how your services can help them with their problems. They may also be interested in other services that they benefit from, which is why you’re going to want to start building an email list as soon as possible. The website that we create for you will always be ready to capture your customer’s needs while presenting them with useful information that they can subscribe to in order to learn more.
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Web Design Portfolio

We believe that every website deserves a fresh start. Therefore, when we design your cryotherapy website, we make sure to emphasize the things that make your business unique. Adding trust signals such as Google Reviews, Yelp Reviews, and testimonials helps your customers build trust in your business and brand while visually appealing elements such as video backgrounds, crisp clear graphics, and cool parallax data elements turn your website into a favorite online destination for your web visitors.

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    Ultra Cryo & Recovery
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    Whole Body Cryotherapy using XR cryosauna by Cryo Innovations Compression Therapy using NormaTec Compression Suit


Affordable web design for your cryotherapy business

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Yes, you can cancel anytime.

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No, there are no setup fees.

How does your pricing work?

We offer tiered subscriptions packages. You can pay monthly or yearly for your website.

Do you offer marketing?

We offer marketing packages as well. Make sure to check out our marketing page for more info.

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We frequently offer discounts and promotions. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to get more info.

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We offer a 7-day satisfaction guarantee. You may request a refund within that period to receive a refund.


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